This is my secondary web page and it's dedicated to displaying my Danish Beer Coaster Collection.

It's work in progress and will be continuously updated.

Particularly concerning the two major Danish breweries: Carlsberg and Tuborg, the pages on "restaurant and pubs" as well as the "foreign coasters" sections, only a few examples are and ever will be displayed since they would literally range in their thousands and I have made a conscious choice to not actively collect them and have therefore chosen to display only a few just for reference.

You do not need to contact me with offers concerning such coasters, only Danish mainland coasters (with Danish text).

Furthermore - by clicking the "Sweden-Hungary" button below (under image) you will be able to connect to my primary website on Swedish and Hungarian coasters!

If you,dear visitor, are in possession of coasters that are not displayed here,

I would always be interested in a trade to enhance my collection!

Don't hesitate to contact me, also if you notice mistakes or to supply images or additional information for my MISSING page,

where many Danish coasters I know about but do not have in my collection, will be listed/shown.

Enjoy the tour! Ronny - mail: "flose950530@gmail.com"

DANISH COLLECTION (May 19, 2024): 2700  (incl. missing: 2765)